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Tenacity and Perseverance

These two words have become regulars in the vocabularies of those corresponding and chatting with me in the past three weeks. Why the frequent usage you may ask.  Let me explain.

Surgery. The word most people cringe to hear a doctor say as the diagnosis. My right (and dominant) hand, most specifically the area where the thumb meets the hand, had worn away all cartilage and was painfully functioning by rubbing bone against bone. Surgery at the end of August was performed with the offending area cleaned out and a small piece of tendon, taken from the same arm, inserted between my thumb and hand as my “new” cushion.

As part of this entire process, I am sporting a cast for a month. I’ve had wonderful caregivers take turns in helping me learn to get through even the most personal tasks that we take for granted on a normal day.  Let your imagination run and you’ll probably come up with the tasks I’m alluding to.

BUT no one could help me stitch! What to do?! Why learn how to do it myself using my only remaining hand — lefty! And I began doing this very thing 4 days into recovery.

The process is SLOW but the daily accomplishments makes my heart happy. Who knows, once I’m healed I may continue stitching in this manner.  Probably not, but it’s a good fallback.

Here’s my completed piece stitched in 12 days, learning to use only my left hand.


Tribal Paw Print by White Willow Stitching, designed by Jamie Larson.

Stitched on 14 ct Aida using 2 strands of Carriage Black (Simply Shaker Sampler Threads)

Physical therapy is in my near future but for now I’m working on therapy for the soul. Till next time, keep that needle moving!

Tamara (@thisnanastitches)


3 thoughts on “Tenacity and Perseverance

  1. Hi Tamara! Big kudos to you for giving left-handed stitching a try! That really boggles my mind – I can’t even imagine trying to thread a needle with my left hand, left alone doing cross stitch. Even holding the hoop – good for you! {{Hugs}} I’ll bet you will be so glad when that cast comes off soon and you can start rehab. You’ll be surprised how much muscle tone you have lost, but it’ll come back! ~smile~ Roseanne

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